Sunday, August 7, 2011

Good Stuff!!!

Enough with the grill, well almost. Sunday was baked ziti with hot Italian sausage and three types of cheese. Rich and hot.

Lauri and I made a deal a few weeks back. She was cooking whole wheat pasta. I know it is good for you but it tastes like the inside of a feed bag and never seems to be done. It ends up like paste in my mouth, no matter what is on it. Leftovers, forget about it, it has to consistency of paste again after being heated. Our deal was when we had Pasta, it would be the unhealthy normal starchy stuff and when we had rice, I would have to deal with the brown stuff from now on, except for with Sushi.
Any how the Ziti was great and so were the left over’s. We had it with a tossed salad and garlic bread, slightly burnt and a good bottle of Merlot.

Here is where the grilling came in. I BBQed Ice cream. I did it. Yep, we have pictures. It works. It took a lot of prep work and a trip to the hardware store for the bricks, but it worked. The sad thing was it was not really that good. Kind of bland with a hint of hickory smoke. I used vanilla ice-cream and coconut. It was not very flavorful. Next time I think I will use something else. Not sure what. Suggestions?

We are having a lot of fun doing this and it gives us something to kind of plan for the week ahead.
We are still looking for dinner guests to share this with. Next week I think we will do something with beer and beef. MMM beer..


  1. Some folks are haveing posting comment. I am just testing.

  2. Dark chocolate ice cream (maybe the dark choc. almond from Baskin Robbins, some something similar) would be wonderful with the coconut. Or even a butter pecan. It still looks decadent!