Sunday, July 31, 2011

MMM Salmon

This Sunday was Cedar planked Dill salmon, Steamed broccoli and Garlic mashed potatoes.  It turn out great.  We have done salmon quite a few times but never with dill.  It added a nice flavor.  I am a sucker for anything dill anyhow. 

The wine was also very good.  I am not much for a white but this one was just right for the meal.  This dinner was not very adventurous this week but we got plans for next week. 

Still looking for some guests.  Drop by if you find your self close by. 

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday July 17th.

We will see how this works.  This is last Sundays Dinner. 
This is a pork roast marinated in a soy and ginger marinade.  I cooked it slowly on the grill. It did not have a real good smoke ring but it was very tender.  Lauri did a nectarine cilantro relish that was very good over the top.   The big flat thing is what we call a Seattle smashed potato.  We bake them in the microwave and then smash them with a heavy spatula.  Just to add a bit more flavor besides salt and pepper and olive oil I put them over the coals for about two min.  Gives them a nice color and smokey flavor.  Just to top it all off,  a nice green salad.  We picked a nice Cab for the wine.  The label said it went well with pork.  No it did not, but it was good for after dinner.  The good thing about having a nice Sunday dinner is the Monday leftovers.  This was really good the next day at work.   

That was last week.  This week we are thinking fish.   Other than that it will be a surprise. 

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Catching it all up.

So as I said we are still working through the logistics and how this is going to roll.  What we thought we would do this Sunday was catch everyone up on what we have done on our past Sunday dinners.

This was from a few weeks ago.  Cedar planked Salmon, grilled veggies and garlic mashed potato's topped off with one of my favorites Bass Ale.  Always good. 
I know, Very attractive.  A twist on Beer butt chicken, I used a good Cabernet in the can.  Turned the chicken purple but it was good.  Only other issue with this one is that I pulled it off of the grill too soon.  Rare chicken, even if it is purple is not good for you.
Presentation is everything, right?  Well it was 108 this Sunday and turning on stove or starting a fire was not an option.  We took this idea from a restaurant we do enjoy and made a cheese, fruit and meat plate.  All very good but I do admit I was hungry an hour latter but the wine took care of the hunger.
This was from the 4th of July.  My Daughter and Son and Law were here and they always request ribs.  So here they are.  I make my own BBQ sauce to go with them. A Lemon citrus BBQ sauce that is sweet and a tangy.  Lauri also made her potato salad a huge favorite of mine.  To go with this I did a raspberry and pare crisp on the grill. Very good with Ice cream or freshly wiped cream.


Well I think you are all caught up.  This Sunday dinners is done but I think I will save that one for next week.  Let me know if you have any questions and remember, if you want to drop by on Sunday for dinner, we will be glad to have you.

Jason & Lauri.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Start.

A while back Lauri and I were looking at how much we were eating out and did not like the result.  We were spending a bunch of money and were not really enjoying anything about dinning out any longer.  Most of the places we would vist had very poor service, limited menu selections or were just bad.  We do not mind paying for a good meal but we no longer wanted to.  After a bit of pondering we decided that we could just as good at home for much cheaper and make the event much more enjoyable.

We had been doing this for a few months and started posting our Sunday dinners on Facebook and getting some feedback from our friends. Then the othere day Lauri saw a story on bloggs and sugested that we should try that for our Sunday dinners.

So here it is.  The plan right now, is to give it a try.  We will work out the logistics and see what happens.

Hope to see you in the future.

P.S Please share with your friends.