Sunday, September 11, 2011

Labor Day Dinner

In honor of Labor Day we did kind of a traditional BBQ at my house for such an occasion. We did Hamburgers.  Yep old fashion hamburgers, well not quite like I use to get when I lived at home.  These had real beef in them and not the frozen patties and they had some seasoning in them.  I use the regular salt and pepper along with soy and worcestershire sauce, garlic and chopped onions.  Then I built the patties with a large amount of cheddar cheese in the middle.   The plan was that the cheese would melt when I cooked them on the grill and it would all stay in the middle until you took a bite and it would run out.  It kind of worked on a couple but they were very juice.  With our love of green chile the hamburgers would not have been complete without one on top.   To go with that, Lauri make her famous baked beans and something new in the Hagen house hold, real German potato salad.   Did you know that real German potato salad is warm and sweet?  It was good, but not something we are going to do again. It sounded good when we read the recipe.  Anything with bacon in it had to be worth a try.
For those of you that know me well you might have been questioning the beer selection that went with this meal.  Well I though since we were doing the kind of old time Labor Day BBQ we would step it back a notch with the beer.  I even have proof that I have been drinking it for a long time.
I still drink it sometimes put I gave up the pipe in the first grade.   

For desert Lauri made up her homemade pie crust with strawberries and rhubarb in a skillet and I cooked out on the grill.  It gave it slight hint of hickory smoke flavor in the curst and the filling was a perfect mix of sweet strawberries and the tart rhubarb.  It was so good we both had two pieces after dinner.      
Well what do we do next week?  Oh yeah we will be on vacation next week.  So the update may be a little late but I am sure we will have something on here as soon as we get back.    

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