Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Start.

A while back Lauri and I were looking at how much we were eating out and did not like the result.  We were spending a bunch of money and were not really enjoying anything about dinning out any longer.  Most of the places we would vist had very poor service, limited menu selections or were just bad.  We do not mind paying for a good meal but we no longer wanted to.  After a bit of pondering we decided that we could just as good at home for much cheaper and make the event much more enjoyable.

We had been doing this for a few months and started posting our Sunday dinners on Facebook and getting some feedback from our friends. Then the othere day Lauri saw a story on bloggs and sugested that we should try that for our Sunday dinners.

So here it is.  The plan right now, is to give it a try.  We will work out the logistics and see what happens.

Hope to see you in the future.

P.S Please share with your friends. 

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