Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday July 17th.

We will see how this works.  This is last Sundays Dinner. 
This is a pork roast marinated in a soy and ginger marinade.  I cooked it slowly on the grill. It did not have a real good smoke ring but it was very tender.  Lauri did a nectarine cilantro relish that was very good over the top.   The big flat thing is what we call a Seattle smashed potato.  We bake them in the microwave and then smash them with a heavy spatula.  Just to add a bit more flavor besides salt and pepper and olive oil I put them over the coals for about two min.  Gives them a nice color and smokey flavor.  Just to top it all off,  a nice green salad.  We picked a nice Cab for the wine.  The label said it went well with pork.  No it did not, but it was good for after dinner.  The good thing about having a nice Sunday dinner is the Monday leftovers.  This was really good the next day at work.   

That was last week.  This week we are thinking fish.   Other than that it will be a surprise. 

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